Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New $100 Bill is Unveiled!


On Wednesday April 21, 2010. the United States Treasury department unveiled with pride the new $100 bill that is due to be widely circulated in February of 2011. The reknowned note is known worldwide as the “Superdollar,” and is the most frequently used and counterfeited currency note in the world. U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner expressed his personal confidence at the official unveiling, that this will be the hardest bill ever to duplicate.

Along with the usual expected features such as the watermark presidential portrait, the internal security thread strip showing the denomination, and the color shifting “100” in the lower right corner, the newly and nearly completely redesigned one hundred dollar bill will also include a large ink well with a color shifting Liberty Bell that transitions from a copper tone to dark green when it is tilted, and an all new – and very obvious and prominent 3-D blue security stripe down the middle that will instantly confirm at a glance it’s genuineness to even a casual observer. The strip features a series of bells and digits that dance and are extremely difficult to duplicate.

The bill is also changing hues and will feature more blue/gray shading than green especially on the back endangering its nickname as a “greenback.”

For an interesting and/or shocking video of the new bill click here.


At the end of the presentation you’ll note several official looking men on a podium uncovering an enlarged image of the bill and talking about the new U.S. Treasury note and you might not be able to understand them until you notice the subtitles describing the features of the new bill… because they’re speaking in Russian! It seems the bill was unveiled in Russia as well with or without the American Treasury department’s blessing.

At a news conference Mr. Geithner stated, “As with previous US currency redesigns, this note incorporates the best technology available to ensure we're staying ahead of counterfeiters,"

Let's hope...

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