Sunday, December 17, 2006

Who Among Us Has The Right To Rewrite History?

Recent events in Iran concerning attempts to assert that the Nazi Holocaust was a hoax has awakened me to what might be the tiny seedlings of an educational and cultural crisis in our country. Intentional misinformation on everything from the moon landing in 1969, world ecology/global warming, basic world history, astronomy and AIDS are all beginning to take footholds in world Culture.

While the vast majority of Americans are intelligent enough to know better, more and more disinformation is being told to (and in some cases believed) as fact to an entire generation of Americans. In the age of the Internet this irresponsible disinformation is spreading like wildfire.

Politicians and religious leaders worldwide are beginning to take liberties with, and in some cases attempting to completely rewrite common knowledge. Once-solid scientific and historical facts are now being irresponsibly branded “theories”, or worse out-and-out lies.

This is nothing new, religion has opposed science for centuries.

As far back as the 1700s in American history, there are similar religious zealots who branded all science as evil and a contradiction to biblical teachings. Damage from lightning storms was a dangerous problem in colonial days. The tallest buildings in a town were the most vulnerable. Since the structures had very little metal, they’d usually explode when hit, causing fires that spread to other buildings threatening whole settlements.

What were the highest spires in those days? Church steeples. To curb the problem, Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, a device that would channel the bolt of electricity harmlessly to the ground. Fanatical Christians began protesting and demanding they be removed from steeples because use of the strange devices was seen as mankind defying God’s will. In other words it was better to condemn something you don’t understand (Franklin’s electrical theory), even if it meant sacrificing your own house of worship. Some preachers even went so far as to blame Franklin for causing an earthquake with his evil invention in 1755!

Southern white children in the late 1800s never stopped referring to Negroes as “niggers” and were taught to think of them as inferior intellectually and nothing more than common farm animals and laws had to be passed in the early 1960s in order to protect the rights of black Americans to vote, work, and have good housing.

One of the most horrific examples of dangerous opinions being taught as fact is when Nazi children were taught by their parents to hate Jews. Jews are stingy, speak in strange tongues, they hoard money and never return anything to society. Hitler was merely performing God’s holy judgment upon them for the crime of crucifying Christ, and it was completely justified that they be rounded up and executed.

German children were also held to criteria of racial purity and all who didn’t meet it were judged inferior. Never mind that nearly none of the Nazi hierarchy matched their own descriptions of what the “master race should look like.

The AIDS epidemic in the U.S. in the early 1980s went almost completely unchecked because normally responsible and knowledgeable people told the public that it only struck homosexuals and the general straight population was safe. Most Americans believed people like Anita Bryant and Jerry Falwell, who taught that God had brought his judgment down on the sinning heathens.

These zealots branded anyone who contradicted their prejudices as un-Christian. Rather than speak out against these hate-mongers, scientists and medical scholars who knew better would let hundreds of thousands of people become needlessly infected because they believed they were immune. People like Falwell, Pat Robertson and their like had no conscience towards the resulting victims. The only way to get the disease is to have sex in a way that conflicts with God’s moral teachings. President Ronald Reagan also used the Religious Right's hate speech as an excuse to delay an initiative to get AIDS under control until it was far too late.

Falwell would go on to prove his intelligence when he attempted to declare and condemn several fictional children’s characters as dangerous. He proclaimed that Sponge Bob and Tinky Winky were promoting homosexuality or were gay themselves and part of a plot to influence young children’s minds towards perversion.

Currently there are people in power who would irresponsibly have you believe that history is not true as it was written. Fortunately the American public hasn’t been swayed by such outrageous claims, and most fall under the ridiculous heading of “President Kennedy wasn’t killed in 1963 and lived in a rest home for years afterward.”

The most telling examples are…

Man Has Never Landed on the Moon
On the surface of the moon at Tranquility Base is a carefully aimed reflector array about the size of a suitcase. Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left this instrument there in 1969. The 3.5-meter Apache Point telescope bounces a precisely aimed laser off of that array to periodically measure the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon. There are three such reflectors currently on the lunar face, left by Apollo missions 11, 14 and 15. It is an easily verified fact that they are there and that Earthmen put them there.

However a growing (though small) percentage of people actually believe today, that the moon landings were faked on a movie set in “Area 51”. Religious zealots preach that God never meant man to leave his Earth, if he had it would’ve been foretold in the Bible. The moon landings brought back scientific proof that many theological theories of how the Earth and universe were formed and their presumed ages were wrong. The only way to discount the heretical science facts learned from such moon trips would be to assert that the lunar journeys had been faked and by doing so therefore their resulting science would justifiably be discarded in favor of biblical teachings.

Inconsistencies are pointed to as proof, such as some photos not having stars in the background. Of course that is ignoring the fact that any group intelligent enough to falsify and fund such an event, would be smart enough to remember to paint stars in the photos, The quite literally glaring fact is late-sixties photo techniques would necessitate the film exposure be dictated by the bright unhindered sunlight reflected off the astronaut’s white spacesuits, the white landing vehicle and even the brilliant lunar surface itself. The fast shutter speed would logically prevent any comparatively dim stars from showing up on the film at all.

They claim that the American flag wouldn’t be fluttering in the breeze on the moon. It wouldn’t be fluttering in the breeze of an enclosed movie studio either. Crumple up a piece of paper and set it down on the table in front of you, then watch it move on its own. Anything folded has stored energy, even a folded flag in space. The flexible aluminum pole being adjusted caused movement. In the frictionless vacuum of space; there would be nothing to stop it from repeatedly moving back and forth once it started, like a tool lost in a space walk that is still orbiting thousands of miles an hour to this day.

How could photographic shadows be coming from different directions? Sunlight glare reflecting off the white orbiter and even their space suits comes immediately to mind.

Of the dozen men who walked on the moon several are still alive, yet none has ever confided in anyone that it was faked—a secret that should be impossible to keep. These men also brought back 841 pounds of rock from the surface with properties that are impossible to duplicate on earth.

Evolution Is Only A Theory
As reported by the Washington Post, President Bush has been quoted as saying that Intelligent Design should be taught in public schools and that evolution should be taught as only a theory.

He’s not alone.

In 1925 courtroom, a self-righteous man laughed sarcastically and asserted that you only have to look at an ape to see that man couldn’t possibly have come from one. If you were able to go back in time and present that same man with a photo of a stem cell he would laugh equally as loud and hard in your face. It would be impossible for such a thing to ever turn into a human being or any part of one. He’d righteously declare you a evil lying heretic for saying such a thing. However if that same man were to come with you forward in time to today, he’d hypocritically be calling the killing of that very same cell the murder of a human life.

History and science prove that even today man is evolving. Compare yourself to your great-great grandfather, and you’d find that you live longer; you are taller, stronger and healthier. The process of interjecting genes into your family history may even find that you’re of a different race as your own forefathers. That’s evolution. When weaknesses are bred out of a species so it can better adapt to its changing environment—that’s evolution. Even though it’s an undeniable fact, it is currently being taught in some places as just a theory in public schools across the United States resulting in several lawsuits.

Moses, John the Baptist, King James and George Washington would probably die within days if they were brought forward in time, because man has evolved in order to tolerate diseases such as measles and small pox that killed even our forbearers. As recently as seventy years ago it was possible for thousands of people to die in a flu epidemic. Our cherished forefathers wouldn’t have the ability to tolerate the amount of hydrocarbons and pollutants in our atmosphere that our bodies have built up a resistance to.

Just as any species of animal adapts to its environment through evolution, so have we. Polar bears through natural selection of mates are white to blend in defensively to their surroundings, just as black bears did. Reptiles that lose their water habitats through changing seasons adapt by being able to live out of the water as well as in.

The very same people that can readily accept radically different breeds of dogs in all shapes colors and sizes can’t accept that Man, chimpanzees and gorillas all come from the same species. It would be easier to believe that a man was swallowed by a whale and lived to tell about it, or a woman was turned into a pillar of salt.

Strict adherence to religion means that anything not spelled out in the bible or whichever text is worshiped is wrong. That means flatly ignoring the advanced age that such biblical people as Noah (602 by some accounts) were said to live to, in order to claim that mankind is exactly the same animal as God created him starting with Adam and Eve.

It is asserted that astronomers are wrong in teaching that stars can be millions of light years away, because the religious texts written thousands of years ago say that the universe is only mere thousands of years old. Religious leaders are beginning to assert the ridiculous as fact. Nothing existed before God created the universe mere thousands of years ago. It is more acceptable to say that trillions of eons passed of empty nothing, until the almighty decided one day to create the universe and everything in it about ten thousand years ago.

Creation Scientists actually refute carbon-dating techniques as fraudulent methods by anti-Christians in order to date items older than the age the Bible claims the universe is. Fossils of dinosaurs and ape-like cavemen were created by god and planted where we could find them to test our faith, but according to many preachers they never really existed.

The Nazi Holocaust Never Happened
Tens of thousands of allied soldiers witnessed with their own eyes the horrors of the Nazi death camps. After the Axis’ fall, the German people were forced to parade past piles of naked emaciated corpses stacked like cord wood waiting to be burned or buried in mass graves. Thousands more saw the heaps and piles in storerooms of the confiscated belongings, gold teeth, even hair shaved from their heads to make pillow stuffing in warehouse after warehouse.

Millions have seen and visited the remnants of the death camps. Humankind’s guilt at the horrors visited on the Jews and others is the justification for the creation of the nation of Israel. Nowadays those likeminded of the Nazis need another justification for killing off the remaining inhabitants of the Jewish faith in the Middle East.

In order to accomplish their goals however, history itself must be blatantly denied in order to justify exterminating the rest of the Jewish faith and all of its followers. It would also mean claiming that any records of the war crimes committed on them were falsified. An easy task now that the actual witnesses to the horrors have mostly died off and can’t refute claims that they were misled.

Despite there actually being more undeniable evidence of what happened to the Jews in Nazi death camps than there is of any single event written in the bible or Islamic texts, many middle eastern leaders loudly preach that it didn’t happen. By denying the justification for modern-day Israel ever being created, you destroy their right to exist in the region and indeed as a race or at all.

It would be a simple task to find some carefully selected “specialists” to claim that sixty years after the fact, no remnants of cyanide can be found in the open and weathered cremation ovens. That being the case, they couldn’t possibly be used as death chambers. They point to the torn-down gas chambers and claim that they couldn’t have been sealed enough to gas their victims without leakage of fresh air in, or poison gas out. They claim that since there were no autopsies done on the Jewish, Gypsy or Homosexual bodies, it can’t be conclusively proven that they were murdered.

In the face of the fact that the death camps did actually physically exist, it is now being claimed in the Middle East that the Jews all died of sickness and starvation; not murder. It is being broadcast today in the 21st century that in the 1940s it was possible to convincingly fake thousands of photos of hundreds of thousands of bodies and that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people were persuaded to lie in order to justify setting up a Jewish homeland on a sacred piece of the Islamic world

Zionists all deserve to be killed and their presence erased forever from Allah’s holy territory. The tragedy is that these false teachings are reaching children in the United States and increasingly being accepted as fact worldwide.

Tell a lie long enough and it becomes truth.

If Science and History are only theories that fly in the face of God’s spokesmen’s teachings, is it any wonder that the United States is falling behind in medical and scientific research? All because new discoveries in those fields are branded as acts against God’s will?

It is my opinion that if we don’t take control back, that sooner or later our country is going to be swept in reverse to the strict morals and stagnation of the Victorian Age. Women will once again be servants to their husbands. A sort of Christian Taliban would be established. Death due to disease and natural disaster will be declared an act of God’s will and not opposed or acted upon by modern methods for fear of divine retribution.

While countries such as North and South Korea, China and India are currently making great strides in medicine, stem cell research, computer and electronic technology, the U.S. is being held back by religious fundamentalists who scream their outrage and wave their bibles at anything they can’t use “God” to control. College students are heading to India and China to get hands-on experience and jobs in advanced electronics because none of it is manufactured here in America any more!

Bold attempts have even been made at rewriting the history in the United States to the point of making the Constitution and Declaration of Independence religious texts instead of political ones. Some even claim that God sent George Washington down to save our country from the wicked.

Recently more and more politicians and priests are asserting that our school children should be taught not to believe scientific and historical texts because they are only theories and not Bible-proven facts.

Dare I say God help us all if we don’t find a way to reverse this trend?

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