Saturday, April 1, 2006

How Reliable is the Bible as a History Book?

During a debate with a friend a few days ago (okay an argument), he began quoting from the Bible, calling it a reliable historical reference. When I could get a word in edgewise, I pointed out that we're dealing with some major events that "sommmmmmmmehow" got overlooked here.

For instance...

> Somewhere between when God created the earth, and Jesus' time, we've got some dinosaurs missing, and I'm telling you right now, them thar things are kinda hard to miss! Now I've heard arguments about passages in the Bible about vaguely described great beasts, but anything as memorable as a brontosaurus, probably would be not only described in quite memorable terms, it would have been described by name.

> Now we have Noah, who built that arc all by himself, and I'll grant you the thing was huge, but even if it was Titanic, that wooden boat wouldn't have floated for long if at all, with that amount of weight, especially with two of each of the other animals-baby animals or not.

And before you tell me he held it up with his mighty hand, I'll ask if God was so all powerful, why didn't he save the damned (excuse me-doomed) animals himself (You know, kinda set them off to the side, and then put them all back later when he was done), or waited till Noah herded them all up onto the nearest mountain top; which makes more sense than asking the poor mortal to build an impossibly huge boat out of wood and expecting anyone to believe it'd survive fully loaded in a storm of literally "biblical" proportions.

> Moses broke his tablets, and God who created the world and everything in it, couldn't put them back together, nor could he creat another copy for him, but then all he could manage was a burning bush afterward????

> Also in Egypt there are some tiny little things called pyramids that somehow got built without anyone noticing the construction crews milling around, and if HE put them up, that's one of God's miracles that you'd think might have rated at least an off-hand mention, if not at least a footnote, don't you? After all, the Tower of Babel got mentioned, why slight the Egyptians?

> Then Jesus zoooooooomed from being a baby in the manger to an adult preaching the gospels? Oh well those years weren't important. If we're worshiping the guy, you'd think it might rate a mention as to what he did in between the ages of say 15 and 30 in the Bible somewhere.

> Now try squirming out to this one... Creation Scientists, maintain that according to their considered calculations, the world is only 7000 to at the most 10,000 years old. Now for the sake of argument, let's make it 15,000. Now stay with me here, except for a very few, most stars are more than 100,000 to millions, nay "billyons and billyons" of light years away.

Now unless the speed of light has changed drastically since then, that makes it absolutely impossible for anyone in ancient times to have possibly seen any stars in the night sky!!! Why, because the light wouldn't have reached the Earth yet!!!! But they describe them all over the Bible....Huh?

Either someone did some powerful (and blasphemous) editing, (probably King James and his minions), or we've got a problem in logic here

As for evolution, vs creationism-which theory explains why men have nipples?

...but that's only my opinion

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