Sunday, November 16, 2008

Editorial: The U. S. in Crisis-Either Join Together or Fall Apart

This editorial contains strong language-and for a damned good reason...

Look what we've done to ourselves!!! YOU-YES-YOU LOOK AT US AND WHAT WE'RE DOING!!!

We all rallyed behind him during the first gulf war, Hell-half of us wanted to erect a statue to the man in front of the capital (myself included) but half of us wanted badly to see him fail in revenge for how the ultra right-wing "christian conservatives" kidnapped the republican party and held it for ransom!!!

It was during this period that I switched from a liberal Republican to a conservative democrat.

We never gave President Bush I a chance in 1988. But stop and look at the work he's done since leaving office for world disaster relief etc, and wonder what he could've done as president-had we only given him a chance!

The moment he took office the right-wing tried to find any way they could to bring him down whether he deserved it or not.
Bitch and CLAIM all you want, but in the end it comes down to you refusing to cooperate and rally around him to make this country great, much less get behind a man who like it or not brought down our deficit and presided over one of the most peaceful and prosperous times in American History!!! Remember we're not talking budget deficit-we're talking SURPLUS!


Despite dragging him into impeachment, the only trumped up charge you could make stick was lying to his wife and the American people about getting a fucking blow job-a god damned BLOW JOB-something any husband would lie about in the same circumstances.

You can beat your partisan chests till your blue in the face and CLAIM he was guilty of anything you want, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, but in the end a REPUBLICAN congress did not have enough on him to bring him down (despite "Whitewater" and he remained in office... despite what "facts" you sore losers will regurgitate up

Hell after 9/11 we were all ready to put the man on Mt. Rushmore!!! I was so pumped up with patriotic lust, I flew a giant flag from my penthouse balcony for months afterward.

But when the chips started to go south, rather than rally around the man-OUR president-OUR country, we all got together and nearly shoved him over a political cliff-and for what?

Partisan bickering and posturing.

George Bush may go down in history as one of the most ineffective, reviled and embarrassing presidents of the United States, because half the country prayed for him to fail the moment he took office in revenge for what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton!

And look at us now.
JUST LOOK AT US! Is it any wonder the United States has lost nearly all respect we've ever had worldwide?

Have any of you pompous asses ever met, much less gotten to know Barack Obama? No-well I haven't either, and yet you have the arrogance and nerve to judge the man, based on only your own sources of information (selected to confirm anything you want to say about the man), which may or may not (emphasis on not) be reliable.

Considering the enormous job the man is facing, you'd think you'd at least give him the benefit of the doubt; but no.

You WANT him to fail-EVEN IF IT MEANS WATCHING OUR COUNTRY GO BANKRUPT; would it really be worth it to see Obama fail?... because you know that's the only way your opposition parties will win the next elections.

Hell, I'm ashamed to say that there are parts of our country that want to see him assassinated because they don't want some nigger in the whitehouse... now that's something to fill you with national pride isn't it? Bus loads of kids in Idaho chanting "Kill Obama!"

It's time for us to pull ourselves up by our goddamned jockstraps and turn this country around-not later-now!!!!

Worry about the damned elections in four years, not January 21st 2009 and help Obama pull this country back together before it's too late.

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© 2008 by Jet in Columbus

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