Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Soon Before the GOP Realizes They Lost the Election?

As recent legislative events will attest to, the Republicans in Congress aren't opposing President Barack Obama because there's a good reason for it, nor to protect or help our nation’s economy in any way. In my opinion, they're just nit picking, verbally distracting, and trying to delay majority legislation because they’ve discovered that they still can.

It’s not obvious to the general public yet, but with only a few conservative Democrats defecting to the other side, it's become clear to the Republican minority that important legislation can’t possibly make it through both houses of Congress with a filibuster-proof margin, so they delay and publicly criticize, knowing the media will eat it up, which (they hope) should distract everyone from the obvious fact that the GOP tried it their way for eight years and wound us up in the situation we're in now.

Of even more interest is Rep. John A. Boehner (Ohio)'s complaint that the bill was passing without anyone reading it.

Uh, John, the bill is basically the same as it was three weeks ago-save a few alterations to sooth a few hesitant Republicans like you. If you or your staff haven't read it by now, you never will-not that you ever intended to. A better question would be how many bulky Republican bills have you hypocritically not read through?

With Republicans in both houses screaming bloody murder at the top of their lungs over the billions we have to spend to clean up President George W. Bush’s disastrous financial mess, maybe they are hoping we won’t remember how much we’ve spent in dollars and lives on a useless and unwarranted war in Iraq. A war mind you, that our children’s children will still be paying for decades from now, just like they claim the bailout will do.

One of the reasons that the general public gave both houses of Congress such bad approval ratings after the Democrats just barely (emphasis on the word “barely”) won the majority of both houses in 2004 was because the electorate didn’t understand the consequences of that slim victory. The U.S. voter didn’t realize or even care enough to learn that without a Bush-veto-proof majority nothing could get done without begging the GOP for cooperation. Cooperation that they weren’t about to give if it meant admitting that the Democrats might have some better ideas on how to get things done, than they did during their own failed tenure... so they blamed the Democratic majority for apparent inaction that wasn't in their power to side-step.

With President Obama achieving the unprecedented legislative passage of a bill of historic proportions only two and a half weeks into his presidency, maybe it’s swiftly becoming a good and timely idea to remind those GOP and conservative Democratic congressmen and senators that either they shut up and get with the majority voter’s decisions, or lose their seats in the coming mid-term elections. Like it or not, the Republican minority is taking a big gamble opposing President Obama, if the economy begins to bounce back in two years, they’re all going to look like fools.

…and deservedly so.

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